See Why People Are 
Saying This Is...
“the sure fire way to 
get really good at 
writing ad copy.”
Dear friend,

After many, many, many years of slamming a keyboard and watching money fall out ...’s finally time for me to release what people just like you are calling

“the sure fire way to 
get really good at 
writing ad copy.”
Don’t be alarmed, I am going to make you an offer at the bottom of this page.

And yes... it would make 
Don Corleon very proud.

But before I do there are a few things that we need to cover before you reach for your wallet and type in your credit card info.

For starters: 
this isn’t for everyone.

You see, I’ve been teaching entrepreneurs, marketers and copywriters of all levels how to write persuasively and quickly for years now.

I even have a best selling book on this very subject.

Here’s the thing...

...I’ve seen a lot of people “try” and learn copy but they simply never do. 
I don’t want you to be one of those people for a lot of reasons. 

The most important reason being that if you understand copywriting like I do, then you understand that copy is the string that ties an entire business together.

It’s more or less the lifeline for every successful business still operating today.

When those other people “try” and learn copy and simply don’t learn a thing...

they’re doing it completely and
totally backwards.
After teaching copywriting for a few years now and publishing a few books on the subject...

Here’s what I’ve learned:

Marketers, entrepreneurs and copywriters learn the best by not learning writing itself,

But to learn the mindset, foundation and execution behind writing copy.

When you break these elements down you have perfect formulas, a dialed in process and the strategy behind making it work for your own business.

You see over the years I’ve put together this secret recipe that has helped hundreds and even thousands of entrepreneurs, marketers and copywriters dial in their copywriting skills to produce bigger better results consistently.

Now it didn’t just happen overnight. It took months and months and months of training, hard work and even more than that... 

continued education.

This works for many of my top students, but even when they saw the offer I’m about to place in front of you they got jealous.

I took what worked the best and quickest and put it all together into letters.

Instead of trying to ram a bunch of information down your throat forcing you to stop learning other things, 

I put together what I believe is the single greatest way to begin learning how to write copy.

Learning copy piece by piece, slow, but steady... it ensures you’ll end up at the finish line before everyone else.

So here’s that offer I told you I would make:

Every month until the end of time you’ll receive 1 letter from me. 

Inside of this letter I’ll be diving deeper than ever before into 1 specific topic helping you become an expert on that particular thing.

For example one month you’ll get a letter teaching you every little detail about writing Headlines that will make even the most seasoned copywriters blush.

The next month you’ll receive a letter breaking down precisely how to execute a beautifully written sales letter that explodes any business in any industry.

And the month after that you may very well receive a letter laying out the exact mindset and routine you need to get into that will help you write more powerfully every single time you sit down at a computer.

Every letter you receive in the mail will further your knowledge on copywriting.

Think of this like a never ending course, book, coaching program, YouTube video series... etc.

However, making offers as you very well know come with objections.

Here is the most common objection I receive about
this offer:

“But Cole, I want more than
1 letter at a time”
Yeah... I know you do.

Don’t worry. When you sign up today for just $7.00 you’ll be receiving 3 letters this month as a bonus. 

And then 1 letter every month after that as long as you stay subscribed for that $7.00/mo

Sounds crazy right?

I know.

In fact,

It’s so crazy I don’t even want to even do it.

But people smarter than me keep telling me to offer something ridiculous like this... 

so before I fire their help and go back to hiding in a cave make sure you sign up and get “grandfathered” into one of the most ridiculous offers ever put out into the internet and lock in your bonuses.


When you sign up today you’re receiving 3 letters this month and then 1 letter per month for every month you stay subscribed. 

This is what I call an 

Offer You Can't Refuse
**wink, wink, hint, hint**
One of the first 3 letters you’ll be receiving will even teach you how to properly pick, plan and execute an "offer you can't refuse” just like this one.

Don’t procrastinate because you could very well miss out on the most value packed offer of the century for just $7.00